Bay Area Sport Kite League

Bay Area Sport Kite League

Post by Darrin Skinn » Sat, 11 Feb 1995 14:29:21

                          Announcing the
                Bay Area Sport Kite League (BASKL)
                    starting March 18th, 1995

The Bay Area Sport Kite League is dedicated to providing competitive
sport kite events in the Greater San Francisco Bay Area.  Starting in
March, BASKL will hold one event each month (from March) through
September.  The overall purpose of BASKL is to provide an ongoing
opportunity for competition.  These events will be low budget and
low cost (to the competitor) events.  There will be no preregistration
for the first event.

The 1995 schedule is:
        March 18        Baylands Park                   Sunnyvale
        *April 29       Plasencia Athletic Field        Tracy
        May 13          Chavez - North Water Front Park Berkeley
        June 17         Sport Field Park                Newark
        *July 29-30     Chavez - North Water Front Park Berkeley
        August 19       Shoreline Park                  Mountain View
        *September 2    Ocean Beach                     San Francisco

Events with *'s are pre-existing events.  BASKL is organizing these
events in coordination with the original event organizer.  April 29th
is the NCKC (Northern California Kite Club) Tracy fun fly.  July 29th
and 30th is the Berkeley Kite Festival and California Kite Championships
put on by Highline Kites of Berkeley.  September 2nd is the Golden Gate
Challenge put on by NCKC and Craig Wong.  Entry fees for Berkeley and
Golden Gate Challenge will be as they have been in the past (i.e. they
will cost more than the other BASKL events).

Awards will be present at a "fun and games" fly (no formal competition) on  
        September 16    Chavez - North Water Front Park Berkeley

The idea behind BASKL is fliers putting on events for fliers.  It is our
hope that we can create an AYSO or Little League for kiting.  When a
flier participates at a BASKL event they *will* be expected to do some
volunteer work at the event.  When they register, a *job* will be drawn
from a "hat" for them.  As the years progress, we hope to see different
people take on the organizational challenges of BASKL.

The 1995 BASKL Board is as follows:

                                        Team Tsunami
                                        Team Air Art
                                        AKA dude
        Vice President          Tom McAlister
                                        Highline Kites of Berkeley
                                        Berkeley Kite festival organizer
                                        AKA regional director
        Sec. & Public Relations     Ken Osterlund
                                        Team Bay Area Sundowners
                                        Golden Gate Challenge MC and tech expert
        Treasurer               Nonika Mascarenhas
        Committee Chairs:

                                        Team Tsunami
                                        Team Paragon
                                        Paragon Kite company
                                        Golden Gate Challenge organizer
                Event           Brian Champie
                                        Pairs Team Air Berkeley
                Festivals       John Lippold
                                        Team Bay Area Sundowners
                                        Team Paragon

                                        KiteFest computerized scoring software
                                        AKA region 12 *Lifetime* volunteer award

BASKL is currently applying for non-profit status.