Chicago Fire Bee's 'Bee' kites on sale...

Chicago Fire Bee's 'Bee' kites on sale...

Post by Dan Rube » Sun, 10 Oct 1993 06:53:20

It's that time of year...

When the kite manufacturers start thinking of holiday season sales.. In
today's snail mail, I got a notice from Chicago Fire Kite Co. that they're
having a sale on thier line of Bee stunt kites.. Any pattern of the Bee
except the cool tri-color is subject to special pricing, and the sale will
last only till their current stock is depleted.. If you've been wanting a
Chicago Fire Bee this is an opportune time to acquire one of these fine
kites. Get your order in early while they have a good selection. Check with
your favorite local dealer, or e-mail me for my prices.. For anyone
unfamiliar with the Bee kites, they are a 96" wingspan with a cambered
leading edge and dart type tail, and it's 44" tall.. The sail is sewn of
3/4 oz. Carrington with a 17 panel graphic design. The frame is 5.5 mm
Beman, and the kite has a sail area of 9.5 sq ft., weighs 9.5 oz. and has a
wind range of 4-25 mph.

Ob. Disclaimer:

I am a stunt kite dealer and carry some of the above mentioned
product(s). As such, my opinions may tend to be somewhat subjective.

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