(UK) East London Kite League

(UK) East London Kite League

Post by Jon Kenneth Nico » Sun, 30 Oct 1994 03:15:20

Hi there
        here are details of the East London Kite league I got
from Jeremy Boyce at High as a kite (071-275-8799)...

Antescript: if Andy Hawken reads this - I've tried to mail you
a couple of times by way of introduction, without success...

jon N

Venue: Hackney Marshes, London E5
Dates: October 23rd, October 30th, November 6th (sorry about late posting!)
Times: 2pm pilots meeting,/ 2:30pm start

Leagure style flying ... Novice & Intermediate classes

... Each week fliers must execute three pre-notified figures
and one surprise given out on the day...

Fliers must complete two of the three rounds to achieve an average
score and eventual league position...

ublic transport to Hackney Marshes: tub - to leyton, then 1 15 min. walk
        BR: north london line to Hackney Wick
        Bus: #s 276, w2, 22a, 55


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