Cross bridle on Quads

Cross bridle on Quads

Post by Dave Kendal » Fri, 28 Feb 1997 04:00:00

Nice idea BErnhard, I've flown a foil by Alec Wills (Hows it goin Alec??)
using a sputnik type arch bridle lead lines and conventional brake lines -
and it was less prone to accordian maneouvers - but I've never done a
cross bridled quad 9or flown one) - I figure it would be RATHER nice -
please drop me a quick memo as you progress with this project.

I'm all ears.


CHN, Nottingham
England, UK


Cross bridle on Quads

Post by Andrew Beatt » Mon, 03 Mar 1997 04:00:00


>But I also noticed that maybe the bridle is
>somewhat to narrow. When pulling on one side of the bridle one side of the
>foil is pulled otgether like an accordion. This is what Andrew usually
>means when talking about "putting too much compressional load on the

There's an easy way to cure this.

Make a set of lines, all the same length.  I don't know how long (it all
depends...), but maybe 18 inches or so...

Untie the knot that joins the primary bridle to the cross bridle and insert
the lenght of line, so-as to move the canopy further away from the tow-point.

This isn't particularly difficult and works quite well.  All my kites now
have this line designed in from scratch.