College Students/Parents Take Note!!!

College Students/Parents Take Note!!!

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Are a freshman??

  Imagine how much money you are going to spend before you
  graduate from college.

  Are you an upperclassman??

  You already know that the bills are piling up and unless you
  are one of the lucky few who get the job of your dreams, you
  know that you are going to have a hard time paying those

  Do you have a child in college or will be starting soon??

  If you don't already know the cost of an education today,
  then you will be in for a shock when you find out.

  What I am offering is a way to ease that burden, if not
  eliminating it entirely.

  It costs the same as a meal at McDonald's and takes about
  15 minutes to do.  

  Simply read the article below and follow the instructions
  and you too could be on your way to financial freedom:

  <Article Excerpt>

  I saw an article in an internet newsgroup telling me I could
  make $50,000 within a month for an investment of only $5.

  I thought it  was a huge joke. I spoke  to my wife, attorney
  and friends about  it, and they all agreed it  was some kind
  of scam. I  can't stand scams, because  usually someone gets
  burned, and I didn't want it to be me. Of course, I rejected
  the idea at  first. after a short period of  about two weeks
  ,I thought  : "I have already  heard of such things.  But on
  the Internet ?!?!? ". I decided  that even if I had to throw
  5$ into the fire, I wouldn't  mind it that much, and gave it
  a try .After all I needed a LOT more than five dollars.

  Two weeks  later, I began  receiving money in  the mail!   I
  could not believe it! Soon, hundreds,  and then thousands of
  dollars began to  roll in. Within 4 weeks, I  had received a
  total of $32,445!  It came from everywhere in  the world. My
  bank account has changed its "-"  into a big "+" (++++)!!!,I
  bought myself a car and things I wanted for a long long time
  for my wife and kids!

  If you follow the three steps  below, there is no reason why
  the  same shouldn't  happen  to you!  This  is a  legitimate
  investment  opportunity. You  invest $5,  and you  receive a
  return on  your investment. So  does the next  investor. NOT

  If  you  are not  interested,  then  don't participate,  but
  please print this article and pass  it on to someone who may
  be interested, so they can take advantage.

  The procedure is simple: 1) Write your name and address on 5
  sheets of paper.   Below that, write the  words, "Please add
  me to  your mailing  list." Fold  $1 note  or bank  draft or
  money order  in each  piece of  paper and  mail them  to the
  following 5 addresses.:

  1. Bill Brown
     148 South Downlen #796
     Beaumont, Tx. 77707     USA

  2. Olivier Arcadipane
      237 rue Francois Andre
      7390 Quaregnon       BELGIUM

  3. Josef Malzer,
     Brandhof 1
     4701 Bad Schallerbach

  4. Jeff Durham
     RR3 Box 263-E
     Mt. Vernon, KY  40456

  5. Mr. Shaun
     301 Hillstone Dr
     Raleigh, NC 27615    USA  

  2) Now remove the top name from the list, and move the other
  four names up. In other words,  #5 becomes #4 and so on. Put
  your name as the  fifth one on the list.   Use a simple text
  editor such as  Notepad,  in your   "accessories" window (If
  you have  MS-Windows),or DOS  editor.   In fact,  any editor
  will do.

  3) Post  the article to at  least 200 newsgroups.  There are
  17,000, so  it shouldn't  be hard  to find  that many.   Try
  posting to as  many  newsgroups as you can,   and the bigger
  the newsgroup is,  the more  people are to see your message!

  You  are now  in  the mail  order  investment business,  and
  should start seeing returns within a week or two. Of course,
  the more newsgroups you post to, the greater your return is.
  If you  wish to remain anonymous,  you may use  a psuedonym,
  call yourself  "The Manager", "The Boss",  whatever but make
  sure your address is correct.

  Now, here is why the system works:

  -Of every  200 posts  I made, I  received 5  responses. Yes,
  only 5. You make $5 for every 200 posts with your name at #5.

  -Each person who  sent you $1 now also  makes 200 additional
  postings with your name at #4. ie. 1000 postings. On average
  therefore, 50 people will send you  $1 with your name at #4.

  -Your 50 new agents make 200 postings each with your name at
  #3 or  10,000 postings.  Average return  500 people  = $500.
  They make  200 postings  each with  your name  at #2=100,000
  postings=5000 return at $1 each=$5000.

  -Finally, 5,000 people  make 200 postings with  your name at
  #1 and  you get a return  of $50,000 before your  name drops
  POSTINGS! Total income in one cycle=$55,000.

  From time to  time, when you see your name  no longer on the
  list,  you  take the  latest  posting  that appears  in  the
  newsgroups, and  send out another $5,  and put your  name at
  #5, and start posting again. Remember,  200 postings is only
  a guideline. the more you post, the greater the return.

  Lets review why you should do this. THE ONLY COST IS $5, AND
  5 STAMPS, AND 5 ENVELOPES.  Anyone can afford $5 for such an
  effortless investment with such SPECTACULAR RETURNS.

  Some people have said to me,  "what happens if the scheme is
  played out and no one sends me any money?  "Big Deal, so you
  lose $5-but what are the chances of that happening ?? Do you
  Realize that  NOBODY cares for  the LEGAL chance  of winning
  such  a BIG  money as  50,000.00  $$$$ ????  and  all for  a
  microscopic investment of five  separate dollars? just think
  of all  of the new  Internet users that  join the  net every

  There are  millions of internet  users, and millions  of new
  net surfers every  month !!!  This is the  great plus of the
  Internet,  people all over the world can hear you and listen
  carefully if you  talk reasonably.  Everyone  will take that
  chance !  I agree,  If  it wasn't the  Internet,  and  was a
  small circle  of people,  the chance  wouldn't have  been so
  small.  the amount of money had to be 200 times bigger,  and
  the chances were zero.  It wouldn't succeed.

  But here, on the Internet, it is a giant village,  where new
  thousands of members join in every day ! you CAN'T lose !!!!

  Remember- read the instructions  carefully, and play fairly.
  That's the  only way this will  work. Get a printout  so you
  can refer back to this article easily.

  Try to  keep a  list of  everyone that  sends you  money and
  always keep an eye on the  postings to make sure everyone is
  playing fairly. You know where your name should be.


  GOOD LUCK  FOR YOU ALL, And  remember, play fair  and you'll
  win,  I don't want to mention what might happen to those who


College Students/Parents Take Note!!!

Post by Brent P. Newhal » Thu, 19 Sep 1996 04:00:00

This is a general-purpose note regarding the post:

     College Students/Parents Take Note!!!

This post refers to a pyramid scheme that proliferates simply because it
is difficult to track down on the net.  This chain letter concept is
ILLEGAL in the United States and many other countries, as well.

Please DO NOT take part in it, as the addresses in the post are probably
even now being reported to the authorities.

Note: will anyone who knows of exact U.S. laws, or the stance of foreign

Thank you.