worlds greatest Stunt kite flyers of America

worlds greatest Stunt kite flyers of America

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> >worlds greatest Stunt kite flyers of America;

> Dodd Gross???????  C'mon, tell us who, tell us who is the world's
> greatest?  Hey wait, it's Phil isn't it, you guys talked to Phil, damn, i
> knew i needed to get over there sooner!  No, no wait, Mike Jones, it's
> Mike Jones. . .

> aoxo-dean
>          total AoxomoxoA brought to you by. . .
>                           . . . dean jordan
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No Dean. I didn't want anyone to know, but now that the cat is out of
the bag, I guess I might as well fess up. Yes, unbeknownest to anyone
but the kiting community of a newly formed organization of a group
called the AKA (Apathetic Kitefliers Association), I have been named
"THE WORLD'S GREATEST KITEFLIER". Although, I don't make many kites
anymore, nor do I fly much, I was nominated by the bored of this newly
formed dis-organization, which purpose is to provide for our buddies and
raise your dues annually to compensate our friends closest to the few
very and most apathetic of all.

Yes, that's right I named myself and have decided to grant a stipen of
all dues to be paid directly to me in the amount of $14,600, annually
for the honor of having been bestowed the titled of "THE WORLD'S

Thank you, Thank you

Send apathetic funds to Me at my house.

|==|==|==|==//// Mr.*** \\\\==|==|==|==|
[{( Ok!, So  I'm NOT PeRfEcT, ADJUST!! )}]