Strawberry Fields Kite Festival

Strawberry Fields Kite Festival

Post by Eric Curt » Wed, 07 May 2003 02:35:19

We had planned the 12th annual Strawberry Fields Kite Festival for the
usual location at RMHC ST. Thomas' south lawn on Sunday May 25th.
However, on Friday May 2nd, the administration at St. Joseph's Health
Centre (who now run both the the former London & St. Thomas Psych.
Hospitals) informed us that we would not be allowed to use their
facility this year due to the S.A.R.S. scare.

This was extremely late for us to find this out, as we have already
been publicizing it for a couple of months and had brochures and
flyers printed. In any case, we had planned a fun fly for kiters only,
on the main beach at Port Stanley for the Saturday afternoon before
the main festival. This is still on, and we are endeavouring to find
an alternate location for the Sunday festival (possibly also the main
beach at Port Stanley) although it is very late to try to get
permission in time.

We'll keep trying , and we'll try to let as many people as we can,
know  what's happening, by email, by posting a notice on the rec.kites
newsgroup, and by putting it up on our web site at Please pass this info on to as many people as
possible that you might know, who may be planning to come. Talk to you

Eric Curtis,
Boreal Kites