To sleeve or not to sleeve

To sleeve or not to sleeve

Post by uspeh.. » Wed, 29 Jun 1994 03:20:30

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I have some more research data for Mr. Tavo. While playing with a Tek
III (made by rec.kiter Michael Graves & Ilene Atkins - review to
follow soon) in a 20 mph gale at BASKC in Dartmouth, I was able to
break 80 # Spectra (it is a small kite & doesn't usually pull much
;-) at the knot in the sleeving which I guess would be the same place
it would break without sleeving. Personally I like sleeving because I
don't have the manual dexterity to tie knots in Spectra. (Stop
laughing Alice)

I would like to offer an apology to Marty and the organizers of BASKC
for my previous snide remarks about the lack of wind in Dartmouth.
OK, you can stop the wind already. We almost had a wind hold because
the wind was too high. (I know, we're never happy 8-) A Synergy Deca
literally blew up in the sky. (Actually, according to Guildworks, it
would have been fine had it not had a 2-wrap spar in the frame) They
did such a good job with the wind that it's still blowing nuclear
down here on Long Island. Kind of looks like Berkley ;-)

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