The London Docklands Sport Kite Festival

The London Docklands Sport Kite Festival

Post by Paul Butterworth, Software Designer, Londo » Wed, 03 Aug 1994 18:26:11


Whilst at the Blackheath Kite Festival (London) on Sunday I receved a flyer
with details of The London Docklands Sport Kite Festival. This is being held on
Sunday 14th August in Beckton District Park, Docklands London.
The details on the flyer are as follows:
Open 10am until 6pm.
Team Displays
The Flexifoil Euro Stack
Power Flying
Flying Masterclass by Simon Nosworthy, East London Sport Kite Champion
Balloon Bursting and Precision flying competitions
Kite Buggy Rides
Parachuting Teddy Bears
Street Entertainers
Stalls, Beer Tent, Kids Fun Fair Rides

Admission Free
Free car parking available
Organised in association with Whaam Kites, Lakeside
For Further information contact: Events Team, LDDC, Thames Quay, 191 marsh
Wall, London E14 9TJ
Tel: 071 512 0455, Fax: 071 512 0222

I am not connected with this event in any way. These details have also been
posted to the Kite WWW Site.

Have Fun

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