Sleeving spectra- how

Sleeving spectra- how

Post by JTav » Sun, 18 Dec 1994 04:38:47

 >And as far as you "clearly took care of the Old weak knot theory", you

>haven't done that. Someone pointed out that in the "knot business" a

<within a few inches of the knot is considered to be "at the knot".<

Come on, you have to be kidding!!!!! That's grasping for straws isn't it?
Then why bother cushioning the knot if it is not going to break???????
Here is my last response on this subject. (maybe)
All I want is for people to realize that sleeving is an option, not a
If sleeving line is your idea of fun..........................
And you will notice (andrew) that it is the more "experienced" flyers that
have given up sleeving! Most of the sleeving questions come from mostly
the novices in the kite world, or the *more paranoid* among us.

Come on people, lets here from more of you! Are there only about 6 of us
who participate in this group??  Chickens!!!!!!!!    BE HEARD! TYPE

Question of the year, why doesn't unsleeved spectra break at the knot??

Signed, the pathetic, unsleeved, heretic, anchor!  John.