[luc@camscan.co.uk: high-wind kite answer]

[luc@camscan.co.uk: high-wind kite answer]

Post by Marty Sasa » Thu, 09 Sep 1993 00:36:40

Date: Tue, 7 Sep 93 13:30:11 BST

Subject: high-wind kite answer

>From Tom Jackson:
>One last question (sorry to go on!) but has anyboy seen, flown
>or heard of the French Paimpol Voiles range of kites?  I've
>looked at the Salto model and it seems very impressive from the
>technical blurb (force1-force7 flying range!) but haven't found
>a UK dealer that has flown one yet :o(

Hi tom,

Unfortunately, I don't have the answer for the UK distributor. I have used in France some Paimpol Voiles range of kites, they are very good, and superbly well finished. My friend in France wants to buy as well the Salto, but that's all i know about it. I've seen it on their brochure and it looks terrific!!
If you can find out a distributor in UK let me know otherwise contact me again and i can phone Paimpol Voile (I am french so it should be easy to speak to them!!!) If you have their address let me know!!!

See you,

Luc Marchand
CamScan, Cambridge UK