Blackheath (London) Kite Festival 4&5 April

Blackheath (London) Kite Festival 4&5 April

Post by David Lindgr » Thu, 01 Apr 1999 04:00:00

As many of you know, it is Blackheath Kite Festival this coming
(Easter) weekend.  This is the first major UK kite festival of the
season and if last year's event is anything to go by, should be an
enjoyable festival.  It always makes a good start to the festival
season -- a time to see old friends again, make new friends, talk
kites and have a good time.

The festival runs on Easter Sunday 4th and Bank Holiday Monday 5th
April from 10am until dusk.  There will be many attractions there from
single line kite displays through buggy and traction demos to dual
and quad line stunt kites, including (what I have been waiting for)
the unveiling of the new Benson and Mullins ultra-freestyle kites.

The festival is organised by Peter and his wife from Sky Kites
and they have worked hard to ensure that this years festival is going
to be a good one.

For further details on the programme of events or on camping details,
ring Sky Kites on (0181) 302 8203.

I have put up a rough and ready web page with some detailed directions
on how to get to Blackheath from a variety of places at:

I hope that it is of some use to some of you and I hope to see you
there --- I'll be there on Monday.  

Thanks Peter for organising the festival --- I know you're listening


ps. Richard Marsh, if you're reading this and you'll be at Blackheath
on Monday, bring that Utopia along --- I'd love to have a look at it.