SkyShark spars

SkyShark spars

Post by Patrick Austerma » Thu, 18 Aug 1994 15:44:21

Kite Oracle, the almighty, I worship thee ...

You spoke through the humble mortal Simo the
following words, so full of wisdom :

(I asked about ID and OD of SkyShark spars)

> ID is 6.3 mm for all of them. The OD you find in the enclosed
> table is the diameter of the reinforced spar end.

Now, if I want to build a spreader (Rev 1 - Style) out of
three spars (main spreader for tmy version of the Synergy),
what  shall I do (It should be 2-3m long) ?
Joining two at the reinforced end (inner ferule ?) and that
to the other spar (non-reinforced end, outer ferrule ?)
might result in interesting, yet undesirable flight
characteristics (symetry !).

All-knowing Kite Oracle, I call upon thee for advice !