Need skiing partner or will replace cancelled partners

Need skiing partner or will replace cancelled partners

Post by NKelsh » Fri, 10 Jan 1997 04:00:00


30 year old male advanced skier from Wolverhampton, UK with friends who
hate skiing seeks skiing buddy/ies male or female for trip in march to
reduce costs / have fun etc etc.

I was considering a trip by car to reduce costs if enough to make it
cheaper but not particularly bothered. Budget restricted somewhat this
year so need to book shared chalet / accomodation with other people.
Otherwise perhaps if you have a partner who cancels then please email me

I can ski all day (and generally do) on bumps, reds & blacks but also like
cruising long greens / blues where they can be found. I have very limited
experience with powder / off piste however and hence was thinking of
chamonix but will consider anything.

I would be particularly interested to hear from any off piste / powder
experts who wouldn't mind helping me with technique a bit - I learn real
fast as I've only been skiing for three weeks in total. But anyone is
welcome as the offer applies the other way around.

E-mail me for to talk about skiing in general as I would at least like to
get to know people with the same hobbies to chat with.