Tug Hill

Tug Hill

Post by Mitch Collinswor » Tue, 17 Jan 1995 22:49:39

>>There is *still* snow at Tug Hill at this time.  I just got home from
>>two races there today.  A couple spots were getting quite thin, but most
>>of the area still seems to have full coverage.
>Not any more.  I went out at 10 AM to check (15 Jan).  The overnight
>warm wind did it in.  Might be able to ski in from the Boyleston
>parking lot but the Wart entrance is a long hike.  I didn't see
>anything but ice up the road.  Winona had serious bare spots late
>yesterday and I expect only the deep woods trails have anything left.

Hmm, I guess you didn't look very hard.  We came up yesterday (Sunday)
afternoon and were aghast at the looks of Wart Rd.  We *drove* the
length of it and it was alternating ice and mud.  After a quick
consultation with the Winona Lodge folks we headed up to Littlejohn and
got in 1.5 hours of skating there.  There was more snow there Sunday
afternoon than there was on the race course on Saturday morning.

>With a warm wind still blowing strong and heavy rain expected, it is
>unlikey there will be any serious skiing until the next snow storm.
>Current prediction is for snow showers on thursday.


>The 50 K may be
>in trouble if they don't get a good dump.

There's still time...I hope.