FS: Wax iron/wax, brushes

FS: Wax iron/wax, brushes

Post by Mark » Sat, 21 Sep 2002 06:09:36

Hello everyone,

I don't plan on skiing this season, so I'm selling my Toko wax iron, and
assorted waxes & brushes, from previous seasons. The Toko iron is in perfect
condition, works great, and has the grooved bottom. There is a hodgepodge of
brushes, & older glide/kick waxes, but they still work.

I'm asking $65 + shipping for the Toko wax iron.
I'm asking $30 + shipping for the brushes & waxes.
I would accept $85 + shipping for everything, combined.
No offers

I'm in California, shipping usually is about $5-$10, via UPS/USPS.  If
someone is interested,  I could probably ship COD, or if you want to pay by
check, we would just need to wait for the check to clear, & then I would
ship. Or other ideas?

There is a photo of everything at,