Help for Ski trip to Norway

Help for Ski trip to Norway

Post by David Dermot » Wed, 15 Feb 1995 12:58:04

  I am going on a ski vacation to Norway from Feb 27 to Mar 17, but have
only have vague ideas where I am going.  I am looking for some advice on
accomodation and transportation.
   I would prefer to avoid alpine (slalom) resorts (Geilo ,
Voss, Finse). Places I am thinking of are Lillehammer, Gjoevik and
Rjukan. Smaller towns would be nice.

  My skiing experience: Classic style, I don't always want groomed
trails, even like occasional trail-breaking.  I often ski 40 km /day (no
heavy pack)- longest day was 90 km.

  I would prefer hostel-like accomodation (approx.  100 Kr.  /night),
places where I could make my own meals.  (restaurants are expensive) I
have the Norsk Vandrerhjem booklet and see that only a few of their
hostels are open in the winter. Hence my first choices of Lillehammer,
Gjoevik and Rjukan.
   So are there any hostel-like places available?  I think that the
DNT huts don't open until Easter.

    I will be in Oslo for the first few days to get myself organized and
visit the Holmenkollen Ski Museum and maybe ski on the suburban ski
trails.(2000 km of trails in city limits!!) Will those trails have good
snow at end of February?

   I will be travelling by train and bus.  Is a rail pass like
"Nordturist" a good deal? How does one get to Rjukan? Can I get there
from Gjoevik without going back into Oslo?

  What are snow conditions like this winter? I understand that last
winter was the best in years.  I saw lots of snow in the hills during my
bike trip there in July.

  Tusen Takk

 David Dermott , Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, Canada