V2 150 skate or combi for skating

V2 150 skate or combi for skating

Post by vmarfit.. » Sat, 05 Jan 2013 22:45:00

I thought I'd re-post as I'd like to make the decision in the next few days. An additional consideration is an increase in boot size - I'd like to go from 46 to 47, which looks possible on 150 skates but would essentially take up the whole shaft. I know Jenex has recommended combis for large boot sizes. In fact, that's what they told me when I recently called them. Not sure if the rear wheel hang is much worse on combis (I'm already using hot glue to stiffen NNN bumpers on my 150 skates).

My original message:

Im looking to get new shafts to replace my V2 150 skates (old, beat-up and bindings are a little crooked) and am trying to decide if I should get skate or combi ones . Im 6ft2, 180lbs and mostly skate, with occasional double-poling and single-sticking, but never diagonal striding. Ive had both kinds of V2 150s (the old blue combis and red skates), and the combis seemed more directionally stable (more like the long snow ski) whereas skate ones were more
maneuverable but squirrely. Since Ive stuck with my skate ones for the last couple of years (broke the fork on the combis), I cant compare them side by side. Do you folks have any observations effect on technique, wheel drop, etc. I know there are lot of people who dont like this line of V2s to begin with because of weight, but Id like to stick with pneu wheels. Plus I have speed reducers that I believe should fit the new shafts.