Req. Advice for nordic back-country skiing

Req. Advice for nordic back-country skiing

Post by Joel Chapp » Sat, 22 Feb 2003 02:14:52


I've finally decided to replace my old classic nordic skis.

I usually hike during winter at medium altitudes (Vosges, Jura, Black
Forest) with an heavy bag on the back, and skis and/or snowshoes.
Skiing on trails and snowshoeing when it's too steep or in the woods.
I seldom ski on prepared tracks.

The snow is usually either hard and frozen, or melting, rarely powder.
 Trails are usually not quite steep. Up to know, I've been using my
old faithfull waxless nordic skis (with fish scales). They doing fine
on most snows but they're not precise enough on frozen snow : they
don't have iron edges.

So I'm now looking for nordic backcountry skis : nordic waxless skis
with iron edges, with light shoes I can use with my snowshoes.

My local shop proposed me Rossignol Grade Runner BC skis with
Rossignol NNN BC bindings & Rossignol BC-X6 shoes. They have no stock
: that's a special order and it seems nordic backcountry skiers are
not so common here in France...

What can you tell me about this gear ?

What turn techniques can I use with such skis ? Alpine techniques ?
Telemark ? Or only the usual nordic ones ?

Last question : what are Rossignol shoes shaped for ? For short and
thick feet like mines, or rather long and thin ones ?