Tug Hill Ski Fair Dec 7

Tug Hill Ski Fair Dec 7

Post by jayc.. » Tue, 03 Dec 1996 04:00:00

Saturday Dec 7  from 9 AM to 1 PM is the annual Tug Hill Tourathon XC ski
swap and fair.  It is at the Sandy Creek School off Rt 81 between
Watertown and Syracuse.  The feature is the swap and it represents a great
opportunity to clean out your ski bag and make room for this year's stuff.
 The goal of the occasion is to keep ski equipment out on the snow rather
than gathering dust in a closet.  All sorts of equipment sells well but
there is always a big need for sets suitable for beginners.

I'll have a home made pulka for carrying kids there for display though
can't bear to think of selling it.  I'm hoping folks will copy it as they
aren't hard to make.  They are easy to set up for one or two kids and are
made of department store sleds pop riveted together.  Would  love to have
others bring their versions for display or sale as well.

John Cheney is making up some ski stands to rescue garages like mine that
have too many skis cascading around in a tangle.  He has made racks like
rental shops use adapted for home use and will be selling them.

Should be skiing up on the trails again by then. It's raining here tonight
but it hasn't all melted yet and colder and snow are predicted.

Jay Chapman