Ski Boots for a Wide Foot and High Instep

Ski Boots for a Wide Foot and High Instep

Post by Jeff » Sun, 23 Feb 2003 08:45:34

I finally found the boot.

I searched through countless ski shops in search of a boot that would
fit.  I couldn't find any.

I did a google search and I found some posts in here that said try
Tecnica for a high instep.

I tried Tecnica and they fit great!  I've been skiing since 1980 and
finally found a boot that fits my foot well.  The others have been
close, but still had tight spots and loose spots.

BTW, I got a great price and good advice from the Warming Hut
(972.234.6088) in Texas.  I don't live in Texas, but I found the right
size locally and then did some internet shopping.  These guys had the
best price (by far), and were a pleasure to deal with.  I'm offering
this information as payment for the good info I found here.

Highly recommended!

Thanks to all who posted the information here and led me to a great
fitting boot!