Post by PHAT MAT » Sat, 02 Dec 1995 04:00:00

Fear not faithful boarders...
     I have returned with the grace and style that I left with.  It is my duty to inform you
that ALTA will be opening soon and I hope to see you all there.  The Wasatch range is known for
that light and fluffy powder and I sure can't wait to dip my tips.  But don't forget... no
boarders.  None.  You will not be loading the chair if you are wearing one of those evil
boards.  I recommend going to Vail.  Vail is just great.  Nice and flat for your safety.  Or
another option is to simply let the urge take over and buy a new pair of stix.  Then we will
hit some of the PHAT stuff my name derived from.  Big airs with soft landings.  Steep chutes
that are untouched by yonder board.  It is going to be another great winter, with even better
news concerning the slow but necessary extinction of snowboarders.  Sure they say that it is
the sport of the future, but how can it be when five years down the road the only place left
open to boarders will be the infamous Mt. Baker.
     Many of you seem to think that I am a fool.  This makes me laugh.  Half of the people in
this newsgroup have the vocabulary of fifth graders with the spelling to match.  Again there is
that initial loss of brain cells with every suck of the pipe.  I have lost friends who were
great athletes to the lure of dope.  At one point they could have been champions, but they blew
it...Or should I say smoked their chances away.  Tommy Moe almost took the same path, but his
father whipped his ass into shape and finally he became something.  If you don't smoke weed
than this does not apply to you, so don't get all riled up.  Whether we ski or snowboard, we
should reach out to those less fortunate people whose vision has been clouded by pot.  
Remember boarders...              Denial is the first stage
                                  And if you can't beat em(which you can't), join em.

---------------------------------PHat one signing out-----------------------------------------
---Alta, here we come!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Post by Brett N. Petr » Sat, 02 Dec 1995 04:00:00

why does the phat one always have to include references to pot smoking
in his messages?

From his most recent diatribe, I get the impression that he feels all
snowboarders are dope fiends, while our two-planked brothers/sisters are
as pure and clean as the fresh white stuff we turn on.

talk about fifth-grade mentality




Post by Scott Buch » Sat, 02 Dec 1995 04:00:00

Alta is not all it's cracked up to be. Sure it has some great shutes and
price but it has some slow-ass lifts and shitty weather. Go to Snowbird,

learn to board, and keep out of this newsgroup you freak!



Post by Frank Babbi » Sat, 09 Dec 1995 04:00:00

It's great that you love riding, but don't bore us with your
provincial viewpoint.