Calling Dave Dermott! -- DIY skate sharpening jig?

Calling Dave Dermott! -- DIY skate sharpening jig?

Post by j.. » Fri, 15 Feb 2013 23:42:37

Dave, you there? :)

I can't find a forum for speed or nordic skates. There's one but the admin is closed. I searched and they have no info on DIY jigs anyway.

I sell budget Nordic Skates for about $40 (the nice old woodies). It seems like the sharpening jigs are about the same price. I was hoping there might be a way to DIY a jig out of simple homeshop items. If someone gets into the sport then sure buy nicer blades and a real jig.

Any ideas or leads?

The goal is to run a stone at flat across the blade. It's easy to tilt a stone so a jig makes it so you can clamp two skates side by side and run a stone across both, flat, at the same time. Nice. Seems like a DIY jig might be easy to make. Some pieces of wood, bolts and wing-nuts. I'd like to provide customers with a graphic. I personally have an old jig so haven't had to invest the time fabricating my own...