Snow Report - Les Deux Alps - 05-JAN-2000

Snow Report - Les Deux Alps - 05-JAN-2000

Post by funkra » Thu, 06 Jan 2000 04:00:00

Snow Report - Les Deux Alps - 05-JAN-2000

Coverage suffering from effects of wind and sun. Glacier level
obviously no problem.

The steep pistes had many rocks on them, too many to avoid, even
turning entirely on the tops. I ripped the base down to the core on my
off-piste skis on one outcrop and was greatly displeased.

If one was going to descend, stick to the blues and reds.

Big curtain-slip avalanches in evidence off-piste (sun induced), on a
variety of faces. I think these happened the same time as everyone
else's, which would have been around the 29-DEC.

Off-piste the powder has collapsed, melted and refrozen. Anything
already carved still has the carved marks, some standing proud where
the wind has stripped the unconsolidated snow away around them. In
short - really awful conditions, like skiing over badly set concrete.
What is still soft is heavy mush, and it is not always possible to
tell the difference in advance. Very unpleasant.

All the approaches to resorts as now clear.

Some bad weather needed as the sun will just wipe this out.

Stay high, take the telecabine down from the mid station, or wait for
more snow.