Kid's gear, what's the difference?

Kid's gear, what's the difference?

Post by Penny S » Wed, 08 Dec 1999 04:00:00

> Kids are growin' fast. I just got 147s for my 9 year old.
> He needs size 24 boots. These are sizes available for ***s.
> Now, is there a reason why I should stick to junior gear
> rather than ***'s? There seem to be a lot more
> variety and bargains on *** gear, e.g.,there are tons of
> size 24 women's boots on ebay.
> Besides being cheaply made and not able to withstand much
> weight, what's the advantage of junior gear?

> More specifically, if I got him a pair of those size 24
> women's boots, would it be a disaster waiting to happen?
> --

A couple of things.  1. why would you buy gear when they can't try it on
(ebay)  Sounds like throwing $$ away to me!!
2.  I have a (short) 13 year old son who is also in a 24 boot.  One of the
main differences between a ladies and men's boot is in the boot height and
stiffness. You do NOT want to get a "tall" boot that comes right up to the
knee- this is a major contributor to broken legs. Look for something that is
mid-calf in high.  This is also why you need to fit the boots to your kid!

Some Junior gear is beginner gear, some is high quality racing and /or
performance gear.
Not all of it is cheap stuff unless you are possibly purchasing entry level
recreational  junk.  *** gear is going to be too stiff for him unless he
weighs 100+ pounds and is a super aggressive skier.  Heck, I ski in junior
racing boots!!  Anyway, most kids trash their gear or outgrow in a season or
two anyway.  Come to think of it, both of my boys are in ladie's boots....



Kid's gear, what's the difference?

Post by R » Thu, 09 Dec 1999 04:00:00

Brian Kong said:

>More specifically, if I got him a pair of those size 24
>women's boots, would it be a disaster waiting to happen?

Hi Brian
Here's my $.02
first how big is the kid, ie height and weight?
Next what sort of skier is he?  aggressive racer, stylin' hot dogger,
figure 11, poles sticking straight up, downhiller? nice controlled wedge?  
It helps to know.
Now about boots.  
It doesn't matter what the boot says on it.  If it fits and the kid can
flex it ok.  The danger with *** boots and kids is that the boot is too
stiff.  "Boots are critical.  The child must be able to flex in order to
maintain balance in a dynamic environment." (local race coach at first
If the boot is made for ***s and the kid's leg is too small you will have
to pad it so that the leg doesn't move in the boot without moving the boot.
If the front of the boot is too big the foot will slide around making
steering difficult.  I couldn't recommend buying a boot without fitting it
but then again I did do just that for my youngest this year at our swap.  
Good luck


Kid's gear, what's the difference?

Post by Penny S » Thu, 09 Dec 1999 04:00:00

> He is 4'5", OK 4'6" by the time we hit the slopes later this month.
> 70+lb, so about 80lb fully dressed. He skied straight 130s last year,
> his 5th season. He can ski any mountain, controlled carving turns on
> those straight skis. Good form. I have been emphasizing form over speed.
> However, he does leave most ***s, notably his mom, in the dust.

Ok, so he's not a racer.  (yet)  Sounds like a junior hucker in the


> The cheapest 4 buckle boots I could find were $125, their lease boots.

This is to lease for a year? Highway robbery!!

<minor snippage>>

> Now, I can see stiff boots can be a problem, but if you go from rec
> boots up to racing boots, isn't that exactly what you get?

A stiffer boot ( kid's or ***) is for the more aggressive skier.  I am
sure one of the ski techno-geeks ( no offense intended) can elaborate on
"why".  What's probably more important than rec v. racing is front entry v.
rear entry., and then just go for fit, and fairly soft flex.
A front buckle boots help to align  the body better, where the typical
rear-entry boot promotes back-seat-itis for 99% of the kids that use them.

Also, my kids feet don't grow real fast ( yet?) so we usually size them to
get 2 years out of a pair.