Ooootah Invasion - Thoughts (Long)

Ooootah Invasion - Thoughts (Long)

Post by Invasion » Wed, 18 Feb 1998 04:00:00

Reflections on an Invasion - Tigger Wilde

1) HCoV - RCoV - HEAVEN....
So far this invasion has been a very ecumenical
kind of thing.  Pinnas, now a boarder, Powder
Hounds, Ministers of Groom, Older, Younger,
Ozzies, Locals, East Coast Americans.  We have
all come together in the Satori of Ski.  It shows
(to me at least) that differences are *far* less
than important.  A single similarity can transcend
the differences and bring together many people.

2) I have to give special recognition to Bob
Thompson, Fun Hog extraordinaire and a complete
PigoPowder.  Bob has literally adopted the entire
invasion force.  He has repeatedly driven far out of
his way to transport us to the slopes.  Although
a superior skier himself, he has held back and skied
with those of lesser ability (most noticeably me, your
faithful correspondant) and still had fun.  A quick wit
and a great sense of humor.  Bob has personnaly had
a significant impact on everyone's good time.  
Thank-you Bob.

3) In addition to Bob, several locals have been very
generous with their time, their houses, and their
knowledge of the area.  They also have made this
invasion an unqualified success.  Glenn Lamson,
Good Ol'Ed and Sweet Flo, and Stephana (Lurleen) all
deserve special thanks also.  Also want to thank the
folks at T&T for treating me well when I needed an
emergency rental on *something* to help me cope with
deeper snow than I was used to.  These are nice folks
who I recommend dealing with if you are visiting the

4) Hot Damn!  The skiing around here *is* "sick"!
It really sucks big time! Don't anyone ever go to
Ooootah!  Go someplace really good - like Vail.

5) Two Buddha - The Profit of Vail...
What can anyone say about a Profit of such *enormous*
and *massive* presence.  Opinionated? Yes.  Outrageous?
Yes.  Frequently Profane?  You Betcha.  Skiis 11's?
Yep.  Loud, Boisterous, and a Farter on Chairlifts?
Absolutely!  But let us not forget that in many ways
he has been a force that has brought together many
folks.  I thoroughly enjoyed skiing with him.  He was
of considerable help at no small aggravation to himself
when Mike of the East was injured.  He is who he is -
he says what he thinks - Like it? cool.  Don't like it?

6) Finally, look at the power of the net.  Here is a
group of folks who mostly didn't know each other outside
of the newsgroup getting together and having a great
time.  Must mention all the other folks i met on this
trip - and not a bad one in the lot: Kelly Miller and
Let Mikey Saemisch Ski It - both softspoken powder
maniacs I sure wish I could have kept up with 'em;
Klaus - not *quite* as evil a little man as I had expected;
ButtDawg - an example of quiet insanity, 'nuff said.

Ooootah is nice, but it could have been Yyyy,
Tahoe, or Colorado, or even (god forbid) the East;
the venue is not the point, the people and their
quality is.  

This post may be a bit mawkish, but these are my
thoughts and FWIW, I stand by them.

This message brought to you by the
rsa Ooootah Invasion Task Force