Where to stay in Park City?

Where to stay in Park City?

Post by Dick Wats » Sun, 20 Nov 1994 14:13:57

Park City, Deer Valley are up one canyon, Alta and Snowbird up another.  You
have to go all the way (almost) back to SLC to get from one to the other.
 If you want max flexibility, stay in SLC and rent car.  Also the cheapest
lodgings.*** Watson, Isle of Palms, (Charleston), SC

Where to stay in Park City?

Post by John Wreatha » Sun, 20 Nov 1994 01:49:43

Never been to Park City/Deer Valley before, but planning on a spring trip
(March). Any good suggestions on Condo companies in/around the area?
(Looking for two-bed, moderate priced family stuff.)

Also comments on staying in SLC vs. Park City as far as accessing other areas
(Alta, Snowbird, etc.) for a change?

Mail or post please.