Alta's 94-95 season opens with a bang!

Alta's 94-95 season opens with a bang!

Post by Jason Ehrha » Wed, 23 Nov 1994 09:43:04

Well, it's been a while since I've had more than a few seconds to
read this news group, let alone post an article. But, since it was
such fun, I couldn't resist.

Alta opened last Friday, the 17th. They only had the Germania,
Wildcat, and Collins lifts open for that first day. There was
something like 70 inches of fresh snow, with a surface which was
soft and light, lower layers were heavier and as such, you needed to
carry a bunch of speed to get across most flat areas. They didn't
open much at all, but the High Traverse was open, (but rocky in
places), as was the Ballroom.

On Saturday, they opened the Baldy Shoulder, but the traverse across
Tombstone was *** on the edges (still kind of rocky). Nice sunny

Sunday, they opened Supreme, Cecret, and Albion in addition to what
they had open the day before. Still not opened are the Sugarloaf
lift, and the Backside which are rumored to open sometime this week.
Sunday was very snowy, with the best runs at the end of the day as
the crust from the day before got covered.

This was one of the better openings of Alta in the last few years.
Looks like a fine year in Little Cottonwood Canyon.