Loveland and Keystone opened today

Loveland and Keystone opened today

Post by NB7240000-McneelegePA(DR26 » Thu, 20 Oct 1994 09:26:30

Keystone opened this morning at 6am with their
lights hitting the runs.  The sun is not up til
after 7 am and you don't have good light til 7:30am.

Loveland opened at 9 am today.  Guess, Keystone
beat out Loveland for the first time in a
couple of years.  Keystone seemed determined
to beat Loveland by making use of its lights.

Last year Loveland and Keystone opened the same
day, but Keystone started the lifts at 8:30am
and Loveland started their lifts at 8:15am.

The Sunday Denver Post stated that the two ski
areas play an elaborate spy game in order
to beat the other to the punch.  Maybe Loveland
needs some lights.

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