TUA Ski Length?

TUA Ski Length?

Post by Norman Bookste » Thu, 08 Dec 1994 00:59:36

What length of telemark ski is correct for the  following
deserving skier.  What folk wisdom, alchemy or fancy
formulas are involved in deriving this length.

She is a strong lift serviced telemark skier, rather
good at backcountry, and beginning to talk extreme (I think
that's whenever you have to carry your skis.)
She is  4'11" tall, weighs 95 pounds and is quite athletic.  
Her live has been happy and fulfilling on 182 cm
Tua Cirques.  This prospective Yeti  seems though unable to resist the

temptation to get on 187 cm Tua Montees which have been
offered to her at a great price.

Is this too long a ski for her to drag around underfoot in mixed
Sierra conditions?

Thanks for your sage advice.
Norman Bookstein             voice: 510-526-7982

Norman Bookstein             voice: 510-526-7982