Correct position for binding?

Correct position for binding?

Post by John Moo » Sun, 22 Mar 1998 04:00:00

I bought some new steel-edged touring skis in Norway last week, and the
first day out on them I had lots of problems (tails catching, slipping,
etc., general awkwardness). When I got back to base, I checked out a
suspicion I had been developing, that the binding was further forward than
I was used to, and found that this was indeed the case. When I compared
them to most of the other 205 skis in the ski racks at the hotel, the toe
position on the binding was a couple of inches further forward.

Had I bought the skis elsewhere I might have imagined a mistake had been
made in the fitting, but I bought them at the best ski shop in one of the
main XC skiing resorts in Norway, so I reckoned I could rule this
possibility out. A test showed that the ski did in fact balance pretty well
around the pivot point on the Salomon binding.

My questions are: is there an absolute correct place for a binding to go,
if so where; why might the bindings on these skis be further forward; and
what would be the likely effects of fitting a binding too far forward?

The skis are Dynastar Montagne BC, 205cm long, 5.5cm across at the widest
point near the tail, 5cm at the waist and 6cm across near the tip. The
bindings are manual Salomon SNS Profil Country.



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