Has anybody done one of those ski weeks at Taos?

Has anybody done one of those ski weeks at Taos?

Post by Dave Stallar » Thu, 24 Mar 2005 08:48:34

I keep reading about these ski weeks at Taos where they completely take
you apart and rebuild you as a skier. Sounds like something I need.  Has
anybody done one of them?


"We can rebuild him - make him better than he was before.  We have the


Has anybody done one of those ski weeks at Taos?

Post by Jim Stroh » Sun, 27 Mar 2005 22:11:31

Yeahyeah, what Bob said.

The ex- and I did a ski week several years ago and I went from a sloppy
skidder to somebody who was utterly confident on ice-coated Taos moguls
and Ridge-flavored chutes.  In one week.

But then I back-slid a little, as Bob can attest, but I usually kept my
heart in the game.  And my ass in some serious post-holes I made with
it, on an icy cat-track on top of the mountain.

Now it can be told.  The day after Bob gave me an excellent opportunity
to hurt myself by getting into some to-die-for steep untracked pow in a
"hike for it" area (and it DID hurt), I respectfully declined a generous
ofer to hike to the top of Kachina with him and Klaus.

My choices that morning:

1)  Hurt myself again skiing with ugly Bob and ugly Klaus
2)  Risk my marriage vows skiing the lift-served with the lovely
Habanero Grrl

WWJD:  "What Would Jimintexus Do?"

Anyway, a ski week is a hell of a deal if you can pay for it.  It's
definitely a couple notches up from sleeping in the parking lot, both in
terms of the accommodations and the company, but it's really not that
much more expensive.  I'm glad we went.  If I ever go again, though,
I'll have to start training six months ahead and not three months ahead,
because the last few years have been very unkind to my middle-aged
slacker ass.

Even though the scars from the post-holing finally went away.