Back-country ski help

Back-country ski help

Post by e.. » Sat, 17 Nov 2001 00:32:22

For some years I've skied on a pair of 198 cm. steel-edge Atomics BC
skis and a pair of 205 cm Fischer Touring Crowns, the latter usually
in on-track/off-track situations. Last year my old Alpina backcountry
boots failed (which I had used with both) and I purchased a pair of
Alpina's BC 2000. I like these (pretty much) but it sometimes feels
like too much boot for either of these skis.

Comments, anyone?

A final couple of pieces of information: I live in the Catskills
Mountains in New York State, so I am skiing anything from occasional
decent powder to just about ice, with everything in between, and I'm
heavy -- 6' plus and 225 pounds.

I'm thinking of getting a lighter pair of boots for the Fischers -- no
problem there--plenty of options.  The Atomics are about six or seven
years old and I'm seriously thinking of replacing them. I've looked at
the Fischer S-series but they look more like powder-country skies (and
a bit like novelties), so I'm thinking about Karhu's touring skis. The
design on these is much wider than I'm used to but that may be all to
the good. The Orion really seems like overkill -- very wide -- but the
Pavo and the Vela both look promising. The Pavo has more sidecut and
may be a better turning ski but the Vela appears more versatile. I'm
truly undecided and would appreciate advice.




Back-country ski help

Post by Darrell Rike » Sat, 17 Nov 2001 03:47:47

The rec.skiing.backcountry newsgroup has had many long threads in the
past on just the sort of questions you are asking.