Salomon 9100 1S opinions

Salomon 9100 1S opinions

Post by Graeme Howla » Fri, 29 Mar 1996 04:00:00

Hello, I am in the market for a GS ski. Since skiing will be ending here
in late May, shops are starting to put heavy discounts on skis. The best
deal I have found is a pair of Salomon 9100E 1S (non-prolink) for $375
Canadian, half off (reg. $750). I currently race on Salomon 9100E 3S's and
really love them. Except on steep icy GS courses the tips chatter far too

I have read things in magazines such as "You feel like your skis are attached
to train tracks, they lock on through the turn and initiation is very easy,
move your big toe!" But then again I would like to hear from someone here who
has skied them.

I am calling around to find out if I can demo them this weekend but most
places only demo Prolinks and not the older 9100s.

Thanks for any help -- also if it makes a difference they would have Driver 877
bindings and Salomon riser plates.  

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