Avalanche Center Auction to Begin Nov 14

Avalanche Center Auction to Begin Nov 14

Post by Avalanche Cent » Wed, 14 Nov 2001 17:36:59

This is just a notice that our annual fundraising auction is
beginning, it is not a regular update on what is new at the site.
Updates are archived on the site at:
http://www.csac.org/Organization/updates/  or you can subscribe to
receive them by e-mail from the home page.

This year the auction has received the highest level of support ever
from the outdoor industry, other than the skiing and snowboarding
segments (?). We've got a wide variety of items, not just avalanche
related gear. Including calendars and subscriptions from Climbing

Help us keep this resource going. Industry is participating more this
year and we need to increase user participation as well. Feel free to
redistribute the following in any way possible - lists, bulletin
boards, local press, etc.


Avalanche Center News Release, www.csac.org

Fourth Annual Online Fundraising Auction Begins November 14

 ->  http://www.csac.org/auction/  <-

For Immediate Release - Please redistribute as widely as possible.

The CSAC Avalanche Center will run its fourth annual online auction
from November 14 through December 5. Participation by the outdoor
industry is higher than ever, with more contributions being received
daily. The auction is one of the key sources of funding for the
avalanche center and its only fundraising event. Bookmark the auction
and check frequently for new items:


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avalanche information center on the internet. The site contains well
over 1600 pages. This extensive resource is provided to a global
audience on a very small budget. The center is a grassroots non-profit
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