Grand Targhee 'gets it in geear'

Grand Targhee 'gets it in geear'

Post by Larry L. Tayl » Tue, 13 Aug 1996 04:00:00

After last year's debacle, where the new hi-speed detach quad 'Dream
Catcher' lift turned into the "Dream On' lift, I am happy to report
construction of the new lift(s)!! is actually underway.  

Tower bases are in for the small lift (quad, but not detachable) as is the
bull wheel base at the top of the hill.   The hi-spped detachable quad has
had about 200 cu yds of material moved out of the base area in preparation
for the superstructure.  Holes for the tower bases have been dug all the
way up the mountain, and excavation for the top terminal is underway.

Good news and bad news.  They are ahead of schedule and the replacement #2
lift (small quad) must be operational by season opening (Friday before
Thanksgiving by historical standards - missed it only twice in 27 years of
operation).  The hi-speed detach is supposed to be available before -
Xmas?  Something about pulling lift cable thru the snow rather than over
rocks.  Anyway, ought to be a heck of season.  2000 ft of vertical in less
than 7 minutes, and unlimited vertigo after that.  There will be no
mid-way unload with this lift, so foul and really inclement weather will
truly make a survivalist out of the faint of heart who err in making the
trip to the top under the worst of times.

Initially, there will be 90 chairs (another 30 or so can be added later).
One of the towers will have you suspended nearly 60 ft above the ground
(to do the crossover the exisiting main lift).

Now - PRAY for POWDER!

L. L. Taylor
NSPS #6008


Grand Targhee 'gets it in geear'

Post by JefrS » Thu, 05 Sep 1996 04:00:00

I hope the new lift comes all the way down to the base.  I have never
liked that short but steep walk to the base of the lift especially after
lunch.  This new lift is GREAT news.  I used to occasionally get off at
the mid-station to avoid the long cold ride to the top with the wind
blowing in your face.  Now it will be a short cold ride to the top with
the wind blowing in your face.  That I can handle.