Avalanche Center News and Fundraising Auction

Avalanche Center News and Fundraising Auction

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The following announces and promotes our fundraising auction. For news
on the website and what is new and improved this season see the "News"
section, and in particular the link there to the most recent update :

Avalanche Center Fundraising Auction - 9th Annual
Auction ends December 15th - 18th 2006


The Ninth Annual online fundraising auction for the CSAC Avalanche
Center is now in progress. Most donated items will be closing on
December 15. Some items may close on the 18th. The auction will remain
open for privately offered items until none are left, and unwon items
as well as avalanche safety gear from our store may be offered until
and undetermined time.

Our goal is to raise $2000, which would be about 10% of our annual
operating expense. Help us meet that goal! Please distribute this
notice as widely as possible, and there is a flyer on the auction site
that can be posted anywhere appropriate.

Items being auctioned include:

* Goggles from Scott USA
* Alpina Glacier Glasses and Sport Sunglasses
* Some killer outerwear from Columbia Sportswear
* Packs from Vaude, Dakine, Jansport and ToughTraveler
* Boot Dryers
* Lots of Ski Totes
* Privately offered outdoor items - auction your own item(s)
* Much More ....

Visit the auction for a complete list. All proceeds support the
operation of the ***Space Avalanche Center.

Many improvements have been made on the website, thanks in large part
to the support of the public. So many improvements that the seasons
first update is in two parts:

***Space Avalanche Center (CSAC)
131 NW 4th St Suite 397, Corvallis OR 97330