Need advice on new ski boot purchase

Need advice on new ski boot purchase

Post by js.. » Tue, 10 Jan 1995 20:49:27

 I'm interested in purchasing a new pair of ski boots. I know that I
should try on several different brands to find the pair that fits me best.
What I'm looking for is a performance/quality recommendation.

 I looked for trade mags with this year's equipment tests but I guess
they were published back in the fall and I've missed them.

 I'm an advanced skier that enjoys skiing fast and moderate bumps. I
don't ski steep & deep bumps very well. So given this information I
think I'm interested in a performance boot but not necessarily a race
boot which might be too stiff for my style of skiing.

 My foot size is 9 1/2 medium width.

 Can some of you recommend a few different brands of boots that I should

Thanks for your help!!!
Joby Sour