Don't buy from Extreme Snowboarding

Don't buy from Extreme Snowboarding

Post by Stev » Tue, 17 Oct 1995 04:00:00

A guy named Mickey Kerbel owns this company.  He also owns a company named
Windsurfing Express and has received a TON of bad "press" on rec.windsurfing
for screwing people.  I believe that this may be a somewhat new venture for
him (he probably had to start a new store because no one would buy anything
more from Windsurfing Express) and Its located in Oregon.

Anyway here's an excerpt from a letter I'll be writting to the Postmaster
asking him to investigate this company for mail fraud.

On July 7th, after a telephone conversation with a sales representative of
Windsurfing Express, I order a 1993 Art, Race Pro 8.2 sq. meter race sail.  
I received the sail approximately one week later.  Upon inspection of the
sail, I discovered it to be a 1992 model of the sail I ordered.  The 1992
model of this sail requires a different type of mast than the one I own and
therefore I could not use this sail.  I called the company and told them of
the error and they seemed more than willing to refund me my money and they
were also going to reimburse me for shipping the sail back to them.

The credit never came through.  I have called on three separate occasions.  
The last of which was this morning October 16th 1995.  On the first two
calls they told me there had been an oversight and they would immediately
send this credit through.  This morning Leora, the customer service rep,
told me that she had record of the charge going through on 9/12/95 and she
would have to check on it.  She said I could call her back in a "couple of
days".  I asked her if she could expedite this process in any way and call
me back.  She told me, "No.  There is no one here to look it up and I can
not call you back, but you can call me."

I don't generally read this group so I don't know if you folks are aware of
this man's practices but he's a legend on rec.windsurfing.  I figure now
that he's venturing into other "alternative" sports I'd let everyone that I
can, know.

Anyway the point is, if you don't want to be screwed - don't be stupid like
me and attempt to buy something from this guy's stores.  I hope no one has
been screwed yet (he has seemingly screwed many windsurfers) and I hope that
you can all learn from my mistake.  

Keep shredding   -Stephen Nigloschy