Information on Interlaken Switzerland - Pl

Information on Interlaken Switzerland - Pl

Post by Beat Burkha » Sat, 21 Jan 1995 05:51:55

>I will be going to Switzerland Jan.20 for the first time ever, so I was
>hoping to get some ideas from the internet.  I will be staying in
>Interlaken and skiing the regions close to it (Bernese Alps?).  I
>would try to list them, but my spelling wouldn't even be close,
>so, any advice, ideas, things to do and not do, etc., would be
>greatly appreciated.  My skiing abilities are considered level 7/8
>(advanced intermediate - black bump runs need a lot of work).
>Thanks so much, Stephanie.

I just talked with some people in Interlaken. They told
me the snow conditions are good now after a dry start.

Close to Interlaken (within 1 hour by train/car) there are a
couple of ski areas:
 - Kleine Scheidegg: the largest ski area, can be reached by
   train from Lauterbrunnen or Grindelwald.
 - First: can be reached from Grindelwald, on the opposite
   mountain side from Kl. Scheidegg
 - Schilthorn: a smaller ski area (but with some very
   challenging slopes on top of mountain). Can be reached from
   Lauterbrunnen by train, or Gondola. In the same area is
   also a small ski area called Winteregg.
-  Beatenberg: small ski area reached by car/bus from Interlaken

All of these resorts can be easily reached by public transportation from
Interlaken (mixture of bus/train/gondola).

My favorites are Kl. Scheidegg for it's size, variation and scenery and
Schilthorn for challenge and scenery. At your level you will be ok with any
of the skiareas, as there is always a range of slope levels.

There are many more ski areas if you are willing to drive a couple of
hours. Best to check with the local tourist office when you get there.

Spend some time sightseeing in Grindelwald or Wengen (halfway between
Lauterbrunen and Kl. Scheidegg - no cars!). They are nice mountain

Cheers, Beat