Fischer Centrix Pursuit and Salomon Skiathlon boots

Fischer Centrix Pursuit and Salomon Skiathlon boots

Post by Chris Esposit » Mon, 01 Nov 2004 12:13:16

Hi All-
    The marketing and sales of these boots (especially the Fischers) is a
bit of a puzzle to me. I can easily find all the other Fischer Centrix boots
at a variety of retail and the usual online sources, but the Salomon
Skiathlons are harder to find, and the Centrix P9000 Pursuit model does not
appear to be available at any of the 30 online or retail stores I have

An article I saw (I think at FasterSkier) suggested that as high-end
race/combi boots (usable with Pilot bindings, from what I can tell) Salomon
and Fischer don't really want to market these boots too heavily lest people
start buying just one pair of boots instead of separate classic and skate
boots. However, their regular lower-cost `Combi' boots are widely available.

Since the introduction of new products doesn't come cheap, they must be
expecting somebody to buy these. Anybody have any idea if it's the shops
that don't see these as worth carrying or the manufacturers that aren't too
eager to push these?