Pre-Trip thoughts...

Pre-Trip thoughts...

Post by Roger Mos » Fri, 13 Jan 2012 01:30:21

'Evening all,

We're about to head off to visit some French ski areas we haven't really
skied yet (mostly around Grandes-Rousses, Oisans, and Hautes-Alpes).

Have to say, looking at the *** views and current news coverage, that
things are a whole lot more encouraging than at this time last year - for
much of the time it was simply impossible to even begin to relax, as the
tight-packed or icy on-piste conditions we encountered almost everywhere
kept the senses sharpened. Not at all how I like to ski, and certainly not
conducive to doing it with anything resembling style. =0(

Plan to blog progress with impressions, rather than report it all when we

Fingers (but not tips) crossed...

PS: blatant plug for 'Skiing The Edge', by way of some pretty inspiring
ski-reading (Amazon Kindle, iBooks, etc.).


Roger Moss
Editor, MountainPassions - Independent, Expert Insight with Altitude