Raichle Thermo-flex boot liners

Raichle Thermo-flex boot liners

Post by MAUREEN BUR » Tue, 01 Nov 1994 21:44:00

Last year, I invested $250 in a pair of SanMarco custom boots.  I don't
like them.  Much much too heavy!!!   I have a lot of foot problems, so I
really was hoping that custom boots would be the solution.  I'm able to
return them, since I have about 4:38 total ski time on them!  (One crummy
day at a "local" ski spot last season).  

This year, I'm considering the Raichle Thermo-flex custom liner.  Anybody
have them?  What kind of comments are there about them?  They were
introduced mid season last year, and only in Utah or Idaho, I think.  At
the Cleveland Ski show this weekend, I spent some time conversing with a
Raichle rep, and I was impressed.  They offer the liner by itself ($150)that
is  formed to anybody's boot model;  they will also offer the liner as an
upgrade to a new Raichle boot.  I have a pair of rear entry Nordica's from
3 years ago, and I like them.  I wonder if I should spend the $150 for a
liner for my Nordica's or go a step ahead and get a new front entry boot
from Raichle using the money refunded from the San Marcos.  

Any advice would be appreciated!!  Please Email me, since I no longer have
the luxury of extra time to peruse the postings...



Raichle Thermo-flex boot liners

Post by Brian R Fri » Wed, 02 Nov 1994 05:35:28

Raichle introduced a new Thermo-flex liner to their collection this year.
It is called the Thermo-flex III and is much better than the Thermo-flex
II they introduced last year.  The liner now sports a reinforced cuff and
a stifffer foam as the material.  As a boot fitter, I had problems with
last years liners.  This year has been the exact opposite with the new
liner.  I have sold about 12 so far, and everyone that tries then has been

I would cation against the rear entry Thermo-flex liner.  If you have the
resources, get a new top entry boot (Raichle only if they fit) and have
the custom work completed to your liking.
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Raichle Thermo-flex boot liners

Post by Nick Thom » Sat, 05 Nov 1994 19:23:33


>This year, I'm considering the Raichle Thermo-flex custom liner.  Anybody
>have them?  What kind of comments are there about them?


>I bought a pair of Raichle Flexon Comps with Thermo-Flex liners last year

 (in Park City - they only seem to have been released in Europe this season).
  The liners have their pros and cons.  On the plus side they are comfortable
 and very warm.  On the minus side they seem to compress down a lot - I have
 had to use up most of the adjustment on my clips to get the boots tight enough
 and that is after only 3 weeks skiing (however I have fairly tough feet and
 like a close fit).

I also think that they need a skilled boot fitter - the fit in one of my boots
 is less good than the other because the liner got snagged when it was fitted.
 (They claim to be remouldable but I don't know how well this works).

I guess it all depends what you want.  If you don't want the ultimate fit they
 may be ok.  I don't think they would work with rear entry boots.

I'm not that happy and am considering getting my boots foamed this year.

Nick Thomas