Don't buy Rossis ('till you're ready)

Don't buy Rossis ('till you're ready)

Post by rculp.. » Sat, 19 Nov 1994 13:45:58

What is this business about Rossignols being poor skiis because they are
foamies?  First, the World Cup race results prove that Rossi makes some
hot skiis, such as the 7Sk (Lord knows that mine are a joy to push hard).
Second, Rossignol has a broad line of skiis which includes woodies such as
the 3Ti (low cost powder pig) and the TRS I & II (on-piste tele/no longer
available), so they are quite competent in both foam and wood core
technologies.  Rather than broadly flaming Rossignol, how about looking at
the match between how you ski and what type of ski you use?

For skiability, do your skiis work for you for your level of technique and your
personal style?  If we are different skiers, we might prefer different skiis;
this does not make one ski better than another.  For example, I use a pair of
Salomon Equipe 9000 1S F1 Pr8 skiis for telemark cruising.  They work
wonderfully for me, but are utterly useless for some of my friends who prefer
a ski with a lighter swing weight, relatively less kick in the tail, and
less overall stiffness.  My skiis are neither better nor worse than theirs;
just different.  We all choose skiis which are appropriate for how we prefer
to ski.

For durability, do you use or abuse your skiis?  Ski hard and fast, but don't
complain when your ski fails prematurely because you drive its tip into bumps
and logs, or slap down on flat landings; no ski, foam or wood, is made for this
sort of abuse.  Yes, skiis occasionally blow apart due to poor quality control,
but ski reps are usually pretty quick in replacing them for you because they
need future business from you and your friends.  More often than not, when I see
persons wandering in with a broken or delaminated ski, they are young studs who
ski at the upper intermediate level and are pushing themselves and their skiis
beyond their capabilities.  Hey, if you want to ski like a bat out of hell in
all terrain and in all conditions, you must ski smoothly.  No jerking and
crashing.  If you are recklessly agressive you might blow through a few pairs
of skiis before you develop your technique to this level.  Once you are a high
end skier, I think you will find that you rarely bust up a pair of skiis.
Then you will be ready for some high end Rossignols.

Richard Culpeper
Telemark Canada


Don't buy Rossis ('till you're ready)

Post by Tom Ment » Sun, 20 Nov 1994 06:22:32

: What is this business about Rossignols being poor skiis because they are
: foamies?  First, the World Cup race results prove that Rossi makes some

I've been following this thread with some interst and have checked out
some of the opinions at a local ski shop.  So I'd like to add just a small
amount more experience here.

My son bought a pair of 7xk Jr (note junior) ski's last year.  They
delaminated very early in the season, despite the fact that he
babied them (more or less - he used a pair of Atomics for free skiing and
used his new 7xk's for gates and races).  Because Rossi was out of stock,
he was basically out of luck and finished the season on an old pair of
Atomic Arc's, which he learned to really love.

Dan raced much better on the Atomics than he did on the Rossi's; the
person who discovered the delam commented that the Rossi's were base high
and was proposing to fix that when he discovered the delam.  Dan believes
this is what inhibited his racing performance.

On the subject of ski "abuse"; I can firmly believe that Dan is one of
those that abuses his ski's.  On the other hand it is interesting that
his old Atomics are still going (the base is about gone, now), while the
Rossi's self destructed early in the season despite careful, regulated use.

Rossi replaced the ski's, in the fullness of time - we decided to replace
them with 7sk's since they were more available and Dan was doing fine on
the Atomics.  This year, Dan has purchased another pair of 7xk's (Jr's
again.)  So despite the bit of trouble, he has gone all Rossi this year.
(Except for a pair of rock ski's that it appears he'll have no use for this
season :-) )

The ski shop tells me that Rossignol people are fine folks to work with
and have a tradition of standing by their ski's.

I appreciate the info that has turned up here.  I'll encourage Dan to
take it easy on the bumps (he loves bumps) with his 7xk's.