Salomon 9100 equipe 1S

Salomon 9100 equipe 1S

Post by Tim Brya » Wed, 08 Mar 1995 15:17:59

Recently I demoed and purchased the Salomon 9100 equipe 1S and
found it to be the best ski I have ever been on.  Besides being
the excellent GS ski it was designd to be, I have found it to be
quite good at popping quick short turns in the fall line.  Have
not had it in deep crud or powder yet.  Has anyone had them there
and what did you think?



Salomon 9100 equipe 1S

Post by John K » Thu, 16 Mar 1995 10:05:15

Hello Tim and Marc!
   I also own a pair of 9100 Equipe 1s.  Actually, I have three pairs of
them.  I have been competetively ski racing for eight years and I am
currently on the Boston College Ski Team.  I was fortunate enough to be
picked up by Salomon and they have been nice enough to give me four pairs
of skis a year.  I'll have to say that the 1S is the best GS ski around.
It is hard to initiate the turn, however, they are the most stable ski
around.  I have used them in Fast Super Gs (60-70 mph) and in tight
Midwestern GSs.  Truly a versatile ski.  However, the best all-around ski
is the 2S.  I think anyone who has skied on those will agree!

                                 John Kim


Salomon 9100 equipe 1S

Post by Tony » Sat, 18 Mar 1995 11:46:38

>I am
>currently on the Boston College Ski Team.

I am thinking of applying there, how good do you have to be to get
a spot on the GS or freestyle (bumps) teams?

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Salomon 9100 equipe 1S

Post by SkiJo » Thu, 30 Mar 1995 04:00:00

You are on the BC ski team?  I was on the BC High ski team... coincidence,
I don't think so!   Are you interested in the Salomon 9100s?  I was
thinking about getting them next year... any info that you could give me
would be helpful!
Thanks, John :)