Tug Hill Conditions

Tug Hill Conditions

Post by Dan Kari » Fri, 17 Jan 1997 04:00:00


> Sounds great!  There's no snow down in the Binghamton area so I'll be heading
> up there this weekend.  I haven't been to Tug Hill, and this will be the first
> time I get out skiing this winter -- can anyone comment on how Tug Hill is for
> beginner/intermediate skiers?

> Pat

> >We satyed this last weekend 1-11 and 1-12 up at tug hill NY.  Over the
> >course of sunday, the area recived over 90 inches of snow on top of a
> >couple of feet.

> >The skiing is, therefore, quite nice.

There are many areas within the Tug Hill Plateau at which you can ski,
some commercial and most public (state forests). Perhaps the best
place to start for beginner/intermediate is at Winona State Forest,
about 5 miles east of Lacona (Exit 37 on I-81). Follow signs out of
town or follow Center Rd to Wart Rd, where there in a parking
lot-another a few miles further at Bargy Rd. You can get help at the
Winona Lodge, a few hundred feet beyond Wart Rd. They can also tell
you about a myriad of other areas.
Dan Karig