Hills, then Tight calf, then Achilles Tendon ouch?

Hills, then Tight calf, then Achilles Tendon ouch?

Post by Nimbus Couz » Thu, 08 Sep 1994 06:46:56


Ok... after a year of running ,  I'm finally having soreness in one
of my achilles tendons... I've seen it discussed here, but I usually
ignore injury discussions when I can't relate to them. But there must
be some experts out there.

I spent two weeks on the west coast, and ran lots of hills (also some
mountains in Wyoming - 8000 feet, beautiful!)... I was in Portland
and SF, so yes, plenty of hills. I did my normal mileage, and felt
fine, of course somewhat tired, but legs felt pretty good. My right
calf did feel kind of tight through part of it, but it didn't seem
serious.  I did about 68 miles per week.

Back in hot and humid indiana  (well, cooler now), my achilles tendon
gets sore on a sunday 23 miler, and then starts to hurt at the end of
a 800 meter speed workout..no great pain, but fearing any worsening of
the soreness, I decide to rest. I've been icing, taking ibuprofen, and
stretching a little bit. It has improved, but still feels a little
sore/different. My calf also feels a little tight, so  I'm worried
that it'll return if  I run again. Sometimes it feels perfect, and
sometimes  I notice it.

Five days without running! How can I stand it any longer? I'm prepping
for Chicago marathon, and  I've had about nine great weeks of running
so far, and look forward to another seven weeks, so  I think a week
off will be ok and not cost me much time, but I just want to be careful.
Any insights out there in the world of Achilles tendons?
Right now,  I just want to choose the course that'll let me come back
healthy, while at the same time not loosing too much fitness.

I really attribute this to the hills; there are some here, but they
aren't all over the place. Running in the mountains was glorious;
I wish I lived far from here. Trail running is another world - I
love it every time I do it. In hindsight,  I should have reduced
my mileage even though  I felt ok at the time. oh well.

So, anything  I should be doing differently, other than what I mentioned


happy running