Mysterious heel pain

Mysterious heel pain

Post by presco.. » Thu, 24 Feb 1994 03:50:54

Hi all--

I'm seeking advice re: a mysterious heel injury I've been battling the past few
weeks.  First, the background:  I'm a 30 yr. old runner/cyclist/triathlete,
6'2", 160 lbs.  I've been running for 11 years, averaging 30-40 miles per week
for the last 8 years, when I've also been heavily involved in racing triathlons.
I've (up to this point) been virtually injury free due to the fact (I think)
that I listen to my aches and pains, and am pretty sensible about my training.
In other words, I've never had what I would call an "overuse" injury, and
except for a few 3-4 day periods after marathons 8 or 9 years ago, have enjoyed
6 day-a-week training.  Now the mysterious details...

About 3 weeks ago on a normal 7 mile run, I developed a sharp pain in the back
of my rt. heel, below the achilles tendon, right about on the seam of the top
of the arc the heel counter makes where it's sewn into the shoe.  I figured it
was just irritation (although I've worn the 675/676/677, etc. series of New
Balance shoe since I started running), but the next day when I put my shoe on,
I couldn't even take 5 running steps and the pain was terrible.

Since it's still winter here :-( and I have plenty of other cross-training
things to keep my fitness base in tact, I took a week off from running
completely.  A week later when I tried to run again, the same pain existed in
the same degree.

It's now another week later and the pain persists.  When I have "normal" shoes
on that have a back that comes up over that part of my heel, the pain exists to
the same degree.  When I wear lower-backed shoes, my heel feels fine.  The only
other strange detail I have is that when I flex my foot and point my toe, the
area where the pain exists feels numb, almost as if that small part of my heel
is asleep.  A good example is when I swim and push off the wall, I get this
numb twinge in the spot where the pain exists.

I have seen a doctor, and have an appointment tomorrow with an orthopedist but
am not optimistic.  Thus far the prescribed treatment has been rest &
ibuprofen.  Any ideas?  E-mail for a reply would be fine.


Wayne Prescott