Peachtree Road Race numbers

Peachtree Road Race numbers

Post by Laurie Barne » Wed, 10 May 1995 04:00:00

A friend of mine thought she and her husband would be out of town on July
4, and so she did not try to get Peachtree numbers.  It turns out she'll
be in town, and so is trying to find if anyone has numbers that they are
no longer going to use (she needs 2 numbers).

Yes, I know these numbers are worth (more than ;) their weight in gold.
And, I don't think my friend is willing to give up her first-born for a
number!  But, she would be _immensely_ grateful if anyone out there had a
number that wouldn't be used, or had leads on how to get one.

Thanks much for any info!

Laurie Barnett