Allergies and running

Allergies and running

Post by Olive » Thu, 26 Oct 2000 04:00:00

Hello all!

Newbie to the group here, I was scrolling through the last 50 or so messages
to see if I could contribute before I asked my first question, and I'm
thrilled to be able to do so, even though I can't find the original post :)


>>Still the mucus
>>keeps flowing. It is not untill the end of the run that I feel the
>>because it's over). My sinuses are much clearer and I can breath better
>>then. Can anyone relate to this and does this sound like allergies?

Hey, I don't know if you have allergies or not, my guess is you do, and I'm
not saying not to talk to your doctor about it sometime, but I do have this
to say.  I have terrible allergies, and running is the greatest thing I have
ever done for them!  I'm not a doctor, so the detailes of this have long
since left my head, but I have very similiar experiences to the above post.
When I really get into stride, I decongest like there is no tomorrow.
Sinuses clear, nose runs, it's a serious mess at times.  Bring a hankey, or
wear a long sleave shirt :)

I did talk this over with my doc once, and he said that when you excercise
vigorously, there is a chemical the body releases that is a very strong, but
short acting, decongestant.  I think this is a very similiar effect to a
runners high.  At any rate, I've learned to use this to my advantage, and
work out twice a day purely for the decongestant effect.  This has allowed
me to cut my use of prescription and over the counter medications.  Just
what I want to achieve.  Now-days, my day will really take gas if I miss my
morning run, because I will not get the decongestant effect.  Talk about
your motivators!

The other thing that  would mention is that it might be helpfull to
experiment with running at different times of the day.  I've found that the
late evening hours, say 9PM to midnight are off limits to me.  This is
probably because some of the stuff in the air that I'm allergic to is more
abundant during these hours.  The added air requirments only make things
worse during these times, negating the decongestant effect.  No problem,
can't run 24 hours a day right?

Good luck,